WKU Greeks celebrate academic achievement

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022

WKU fraternities and sororities celebrated the year of academic achievement, positive retention rates and graduation rates during the 45th Annual Greek Academic Banquet on Wednesday (March 22) at the Downing Student Union. 

Awards were presented to chapters that placed in the top 3 in grades for new members, members and combined GPAs. Students with the highest GPAs from the freshman to senior classes also were recognized. Professors of the Year from each of WKU’s five colleges were honored during the banquet as well.

Among the notable academic achievements from the Greek system during the past year were:

  • WKU sorority women were .2 above the All-Women’s average GPA and WKU fraternity men were nearly .1 above the All-Men’s average GPA.
  • Fall to Spring retention among all first-semester freshman WKU Greeks was 94.8%, four percentage points higher than WKU’s first-time, first-year student retention percentage. 
  • Based on the most recent graduation statistics, the graduation rate for WKU Sorority women graduate is 17 percentage points higher than the WKU Female six-year graduation rate and the graduation rate for WKU Fraternity men is 10 percentage points higher than the WKU Male six-year graduation rate.