Listen: InterFraternity Council Hosts Battle Of The Bands, Fundraises For Local Mental Health Services

PRESLEY ALLEN / June 6, 2022

Local bands performed at Cal Poly’s University Union Plaza on Monday, May 30 in support of the InterFraternity Council’s (IFC) philanthropic event known as “Battle of the Bands.”

The event hosted performances to raise money for the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI), a volunteer-based organization that provides counseling services and other resources to those impacted by mental illness.

“If we raise one dollar and that goes to NAMI, and that one dollar is used to actually help someone, it’s a win in my book,” Cal Poly IFC President and political science junior Shea Friedman said.

Since none of Cal Poly’s Greek organizations have NAMI as their philanthropy, the council decided to host this event for NAMI’s cause.

“This is our philanthropy and it gives and raises money to a cause that may not be adopted or supported,” Friedman said.

In addition to raising funds for NAMI, Friedman’s goal for the event was also to set a new precedent for the future members of the council.