Greek Life impacts more than you think

By Katy Mae Turner - November 2, 2022

There are countless ways to get plugged into a college community. Through your major, residence hall or clubs, you can find amazing people. When I came to college and was looking for a way to meet people and get connected, I knew Greek Life had a special connection to Baylor University.

At Baylor, there are over 4,400 people in Greek Life stretched across 41 different chapters — around 30% of the total undergraduate population. In its long history, Baylor has created some beloved traditions for students past, present and future. Many of these traditions are reliant on the Greek organizations on campus and their hours of hard work.

Every year, Baylor hosts the homecoming parade to welcome alumni back home. Fraternities and sororities spend hours every week to create floats with various themes and compete to win. It’s a tradition many Baylor students have participated in, and having the chance to uphold that is something lots of organizations look forward to.

One newer homecoming tradition is the Royal and Pure Homecoming Stroll-Off. The Barfield Drawing Room was overflowing with people after Phi Beta Sigma hosted the event for the sixth year. This is an event that students, faculty and staff are excited to see grow and become a more solidified part of Baylor’s history.