Sigma Pi fraternity members holding signs at a you matter event.

Tomorrow, March 2, the “You Matter” mental health event will be returning to IUP.

The event will be taking place tomorrow, starting at 5:00 p.m. at various locations both on and off campus.

The event, which was originally held during the fall 2022 semester at IUP, it centered around the premise of spreading positivity, as well as bringing hope to those that are discouraged, according to the website for the You Matter project. The event at IUP is being sponsored by the IUP Sigma Pi fraternity, as well as the larger IUP Interfraternity Council (IFC).

“’You Matter’ is a movement promoting positive mental health,” the IFC Vice President of Philanthropy and Finance Sean Sutcavage said. “We have the goal of changing just even one person’s life. We are completing this goal by displaying signs with the text: ‘You Matter’ displayed at multiple locations both on and off campus.”

Sutcavage went on to share the various locations that the messages will be posted. On campus, there will be messages posted on the Folger Student Center patio, the Oak Grove and the quad located outside of Putt Hall, Delaney Hall, Ruddock Hall and Suites on Maple East. For the off campus locations, messages will be posted across from the Oakland Avenue Taco Bell and IRMC Park on Philadelphia Street.

Participation for the event is open to the entire IUP community, one does not have to be a member of IFC to take part. IFC is requesting that the various organizations across campus show support for the cause. This can be done by an individual or an organization simply making a sign that says “You Matter,” and placing them on display at one of the various locations mentioned above.

During the fall 2022 semester, there were only 65 participants, according to Sutcavage. Despite that number, there was still an outpouring of positive feedback from the Indiana community, which inspired this semester’s version of the event to strive for 100 participants, which would help spread the message even more across the IUP and greater Indiana community.

Students that are interested in participating in the event can contact Sutcavage at Additionally, students can check Crimson Connect to find more information about the event at the following link:

A reminder that, although the event is tomorrow, there is still time for any interested students or organizations to contribute to the event.