Wabash fraternities help local historical society

Posted Thursday, May 4, 2023 1:15 am


Last November and December, the Montgomery County Historical Society welcomed new visitors at the beautiful Historic Lane Place, who dedicated their time to community service and gaining historical knowledge.

In November, after hearing about the vandalization of the Pattison Pavilion, members of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity at Wabash College dedicated a few hours of their time to give back to the community, where they disposed of garbage around the pavilion, updated society signs and prepared the flower gardens for this spring.

The Historical Society also received community service from the Wabash College Sphinx Club, who, in December, removed graffiti from the base of the Pattison Pavilion and prepared the grounds for our cherished event, Christmas at Lane Place. The Historical Society appreciates the help of those involved and looks forward to building a stronger connection with the college.

The Historical Society looks forward to working the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity of Wabash College to Lane Place, who anticipate dedicating some time to assisting with lawn care projects in the future. The efforts of the Wabash men this year will mark the beginning of a larger grounds project by the Historical Society, involving the renovation of our landscape and vegetation to promote a more appealing and welcoming atmosphere. In the future, the Historical Society looks forward to building a specific connection with the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity due to its historical relationship with Sen. Henry S. Lane. According to the International Phi Gamma Delta fraternity membership directory of 1898, Lane became an honorary member of the Psi Chapter of the fraternity in 1867, the same year he concluded service in the United States Senate. Before his initiation as an honorary member of the fraternity, Lane’s involvement with the college goes as far back as 1833 when he arrived in the city of Crawfordsville. From 1834-1836, Lane regularly spoke at the college, including academic clubs such as the Western Literary Society.