Feb 14, 2024

Police in Indiana Borough are expressing their thanks to an IUP fraternity for their service project that involved street lights in the borough.

Members of the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity coordinated with the police department to go out on January 28th to assess the functionality of street lights within the borough as part of an effort to enhance pedestrian safety in the borough’s wards.  Through their work, they were able to identify several streetlights that were faulty.  The public works department and FirstEnergy are working on improving the functionality of those lights, and will use the data collected to support ongoing efforts.

In a statement, Indiana Borough Police Chief Justin Schawl said that the project was a perfect example of a non-traditional approach to bolster community safety, saying the fraternity was “community safety minded and provided a great service to everyone in Indiana.”

Phi Sigma Kappa president Dimitri Woods said that not only will the additional lighting provide better visibility, the project “conveys pride in our community when the lights are in working order” and they look forward to further collaborations between the borough and the fraternity.