Greek Giving: DePaul fraternities and sororities partake in their annual fundraisers

Oliva Waletzke, Contributing Writer • May 26, 2024

At DePaul, the month of May is a busy time for Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) chapters and their weeks of service, when each chapter across the country hosts fundraisers for charities they support. As Julia Pouliot sees it, behind the letters, chants and extravagant events, there is a deeper meaning to being involved in FSL.


Philanthropy week at DePaul’s Pi Kappa Phi chapter is called “War of the Roses.” 

“It’s a chance for all of the sororities to compete to be our ‘Rose Queen,’” Matthew Chirco said, Pi Kappa Phi’s head of philanthropy. The winner was announced at their formal on May 25. 

Pi Kappa Phi, or “Pi Kapp” for short, is the only fraternity branch in the country with their own originally founded non-profit organization. The fraternity’s foundation is named The Ability Experience, and is dedicated to supporting and empowering those living with disabilities.

Chirco explained that there is much that goes into preparing for a philanthropy week. Between settling locations for events and coming up with creative and involving activities, the set up for the week is not a one-man job. “I know that I can ask any of the guys for help, and they’ll be happy to do it,” Chirco said. 

On the surface, the idea of a fraternity “sweetheart” could be seen as simply a pageant competition for sorority girls, but organizers say what goes into the competition and the cause behind it is deeper than the stereotype.