Saginaw native helps bring a Latino fraternity to Ferris State University

By: Sheryl Coonan Jul 2, 2024

SAGINAW, Mich. (WJRT) – A recent Saginaw Nouvel Catholic Central graduate is bringing a new Latino fraternity to his university.

D’Angelo Olvera and three of his classmates recently founded one of the few Hispanic fraternities at Ferris State University to celebrate the culture and bring students together.

And they say it’s just the beginning.

Olvera — a junior at Ferris — says he immediately felt welcome on campus after attending the university’s Hispanic Latino Cultural Center.

But he knew something more could be done to bring Hispanics together on campus and make a longstanding impact.

He and three of his friends decided to do just that with another Latino, in addition to the Sigma Lambda Beta fraternity.

They began the rigorous process of bringing the Lambda Theta Phi fraternity to campus.

And though it involved a lot of time and effort, the group is thrilled it is now official.

What’s is unique is that a big part of the fraternity’s livelihood is a traditional form of expression using poetry in motion.

“I’m from Saginaw, another person is from Holland but one’s from Mexico and the other is from Guatemala. We’re different from other organizations because we salute. It’s a form of poetry in motion. It started in the induction back in 1975. It’s poetry in motion so everything is telling a story,” Olvera said.

Olvera says in the fall, they are eager to grow their brotherhood and connect with other campus organizations and they welcome everyone.