FIJI combines philanthropy with Halloween screams

    By Igor Stepczynski, Baylor Lariat

    Baylor’s Phi Gamma Delta fraternity hosted its famous Fiji Fright Night philanthropic event for the 16th year this past week on Fountain Mall. This haunted house style experience, in collaboration with Baylor Activities Council, was a free admission event that Baylor students look forward to every year.

    FIJI Fright Night chair Wess Kunz said this event is planned very far in advance.

    “We start as soon as this event ends and just brainstorm what we want to do,” Kunz said. “We get really into it in February and March, and then the week of it’s grind time. We build everything, have our event for three days and have some fun.”

    The men of Phi Gamma Delta are not the only ones having fun with this event. A group of junior Baylor students said study like this is their fav write part about Halloween along with dressing up.

    “It’s really fun, really scary and it’s fun once you’re done with,” Kunz said. “It’s definitely not an event for people with severe asthma, but I recommend it.”

    The event consisted of a haunted house, a photo booth, food trucks and a movie played on a giant inflatable screen. Fright Night chair Drew McDougal said his favorite part is watching all their hard work come together.

    “Watching how much fun we have putting it on and building it and spending time with all my fraternity brothers is just awesome,” McDougal said.

    Fraternity member and Fright Night performer Cooper Anderson, drenched in chains and fake blood, said he enjoys the students’ reactions the most.

    “Honestly (the best part is) just seeing people laugh when they scream too. It’s funny making people scream, but it’s also funny making people laugh too.”

    This event benefits the United Service Organization, the fraternity’s philanthropy. Participants bought an exclusive Fright Night t-shirt knowing they are supporting a good cause. The men of Phi Gamma Delta dressed up in gore to help those who dress up in uniform all year defending the United States of America.

    “It benefits the troops coming home from fighting our wars and defending our freedom,” McDougal said.