Fraternity’s initiatives encourage healthier men, families, communities

By Carlton Fletcher Jan 12, 2024

ALBANY — The brothers of the Gamma Omicron Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. have an important message for southwest Georgians, a message as simple as a walk in the park: Be kinder to your body.

Influential people in and around Albany will be wearing smart-looking black-on-gold and gold-on-black T-shirts with that logo in days to come, a reminder by the fraternity to “inform and inspire the people to adopt healthier lifestyles.”

“We have our own initiatives — ‘Be Kinder to Your Body,’ ‘Knowledge Is Power,’ ‘Eat to Live,’ ‘Sleep Well to Live,’ ‘Move to Improve’ — in which we challenge participants to meet the performance guidelines for the four healthy habits of the program,” Alpha Maurice Elliard, an adjunct professor at Albany State University, said this week as he delivered “Be Kinder to Your Body” T-shirts. “But when we see other groups in the community — like the LINKS Organization’s March health initiative — we join them and try to do what we can to promote healthier living.

“We’re involved with the Elevation Project, which I believe is a joint project including Phoebe (Putney Health System), black churches in the community and the Morehouse School of Medicine. We want to support others, but we benefit, too. Our involvement keeps us encouraged.”