It’s Greek to meet you

FEBRUARY 8, 2024 | By Sydney Fairbanks Jambar Contributor

Greek Life members at November’s Food and Clothing Drive. Photo courtesy of Carrie Anderson.

Greek Life at Youngstown State University allows students to get involved with campus events and meet new people while making a difference in the community.

Carrie Anderson, associate director of student activities, said service is a large part of the experience in Greek Life.

“What these organizations do is give back to the local community as well as the national philanthropy that they raise money for. A lot of those activities and different things are a great experience for students to help make their experience more well rounded,” Anderson said.

Anderson said another integral part of Greek Life is helping students feel accepted and get involved on campus.

“One of the main things that we try to do is make sure that we’re helping our students find a sense of belonging on campus. Something so that they’re not just going to classes and running back home,” Anderson said. 

According to Anderson, Greek Life offers leadership opportunities with positions in committees, chapter executive councils and more. Students can also find outlets to improve academically, such as study tables and connecting with students in similar majors. 

“[Greek Life is] going to help them build their resume further and assist them just in working with other people, meeting other people — and a lot of those skills are found in student organizations,” Anderson said.